Meet our great team of folks who are behind bringing your workout to you.

Brooke E. Yool
Owner / Certified Pilates Instructor

I am not that different from you. I was once 80 pounds overweight, and once 20 pounds underweight. I think my formerly eating-disordered life is under control. I have literally and figuratively crossed the finish lines of marathons. Putting myself first does not come naturally. Every day is an accomplishment.

Pilates makes me strong, mentally and physically. I first experimented with the practice in 2003, and noticed — hey, my back and hips aren't so sore the day after a long run. The rest is history.

I'm a geek, and had to learn more. Even better, I love learning about human anatomy/physiology (but after my B.S. in biology, instead pursued an M.S. in pharmaceutical chemistry — hmm) so in-depth Pilates study seemed the way to go. And it just followed that in 2006, I added mat Pilates to the repertoire of classes I taught at the local gyms, but with only having had a few hours' training. Early in 2008, I began a comprehensive Pilates instructor certification program, and finished my certification through Balanced Body University in 2009.

Otherwise, I play piano in a swing band, I write music now and then, I still teach a variety of gym fitness classes, I cook creatively, I tell terrible puns, and I live in the lovely Seattle area with my sweet husband Bruce.

Certified Yoga Instructor

Brian has been practicing Yoga for several years, mostly with Hatha, Power Yoga and Ashtanga inspired teachers. He is a certified YogaFit instructor. Brian is also a computer programmer by day and an explorer and nature lover at heart. He originally started doing Yoga as a way to stay in shape for hiking — his true passion.

Over time, he started noticing the other important benefits of Yoga; flexibility, balance, calmness and confidence. His goal is to share these life changing benefits with students to help them live happier, fuller lives.

Yoga Instructor

Brief bio goes here. (Still waiting, Pam...)

Haley Wolfe
Certified Pilates Instructor

Haley Wolfe is a certified Pilates Instructor and now splits her time between acting on various stages around Seattle and teaching Pilates. Haley's favorite part of teaching is watching her clients obtain control of their body and movements after only a few classes, thereby improving their overall wellness. She lives in Capitol Hill with her husband and her cat, Harper.

Bruce Caruthers
VP Marketing & Operations

After twenty years in the high-end computing industry, Bruce recently got an MBA and is putting that training plus his experience to use building Port-a-Pilates. He has grand plans to eventually make Brooke the Martha Stewart of the fitness world (minus the scandals!).

Originally hailing from New York, Bruce later spent a decade in Silicon Valley (with the great timing of arriving shortly before the Web was developed) followed by a move to the quieter (and cheaper!) Pacific Northwest with his lovely wife, Brooke, where they are slowly renovating their house and following their dreams.