We're talkin' long 'n' lean.
At your location.
At your convenience.

Picture of a private session

Small group or individual training sessions in your workplace, in your living room, in your front yard (be creative!). Whatever your needs — whether they be greater strength or increased flexibility — we are there.


You shouldn't squander all of your free time driving to your workout location, cutting into your workout. This is why I have made myself portable — so you have more time to focus on you. The small class size allows for more attention to detail. This will keep you safe, and you will leave feeling better than when you started the day's session. With commitment to multiple sessions, and my attention to you, you will notice a difference in the way you carry yourself within a few weeks.

Why take Pilates?

To get stronger and leaner — that's why — without excessive bulk! The exercises are designed such that as one muscle group shortens, the opposite group is stretched. Also, much of traditional strength training focuses on the limbs of the body and not on the trunk. If a tree's limbs grow stronger than the trunk, the tree cannot be supported — thus the need to strengthen the muscles of the trunk. Pilates exercises either directly or indirectly work the muscles of the trunk.

Strengthening the deep muscles of the trunk not only will help you look leaner and give you enviable "flat abs", but it is very functional training that will support you, every day! Your aches and pains will soon be a thing of the past.

Oh, and don't be shy! Yes, Pilates can be very challenging, but it is also adaptable to YOU. Whatever your fitness background, Port-A-Pilates caters to your goals and needs. So, don't wait any longer! Contact us!